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Obama is a Cult: Stalking the US Presidential Exit Polls

Posted by fifthdimension on February 14, 2008

If you expect me to say that Obama is going to be the US President, I will hugely disappoint you! But over the past few days, I have some exciting and positive observations, which could be common with many of you.

Whether Obama will win the race for nomination or not is not my area of interest. For me, the most bewildering part is the kind of following that Obama has succeeded to generate!  Young Americans constitute a majority of his followers. His campaigns leave behind a trail of energy and excitement, which is very rare in the history of US elections. His inroads into Mrs Clinton’s fortresses, i.e. Virginia and Maryland, are significant.

I see Obama as a Panzer dancing behind the enemy lines, headed for the target with lightning speed! Obama is emerging as a new cult in the United States. In this case, his mission, among many others,  is to bring an end the mindset that led to the Iraq war.

Will the new president restore faith in the United States? Will the world’s powerhouse get an able leader, who can align the country with the interests of the rest of the world? The new President’s policies will impact a number of broader global issues like climate change, terrorism and poverty.       

3 Responses to “Obama is a Cult: Stalking the US Presidential Exit Polls”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am passing on the “Excellent Blog Award” to you! You can pick up the award badge on my site in the post about the award. Keep up the great work!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Mewie said

    I think Obama’s vision and charisma is definitely encouraging – lowering college tuition, providing health care who can’t afford it, increasing teacher salaries, etc.

    How in the heck is he going to get the money to deliver everything he says? That’s where I’m doubtful. But hey, maybe he’s got an Ace up his sleeve that most economists cannot grasp. Or maybe that’s why most young folks are gullible enough to believe he can deliver such wonderful handouts. We’ll have to see!

  3. fifthdimension said

    You’re absolutely right! College education and health care are two of the most basic aspects that a government has to look into. Perhaps Obama is inspired by the policies adopted by many of the developing countries.

    At present, the US government doesn’t have much to be proud of. What’s the use of economic prosperity, mega cities, and scientific advancement if the citizens can’t have access to higher education and good healthcare , which are hopelessly expensive! Get back to the basics, White House.

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