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Beyond Wealth, Assests, ROIs Etc

Posted by fifthdimension on August 10, 2007

Coming straight from Einstein’s historic revelation- “the fundamental problem of the modern people is that they get obsessed with means to the neglect of the ends. This cripples the art of living“, perhaps, I won’t be wrong if I should ever give up material pursuits in favor of spiritualism. 

To be spiritual is not to demonize modernity or renounce wealth. I believe that it’s about maintaining a healthy balance between our pursuit of wealth and richness, and at the same time developing in ourselves a passion to find peace and happiness in a psychic world, which is beyond all worldly matters.  

The individual within us is enslaved only when we worship or idolize affluence and over-indulge. True, individuals are free to choose the things that they want in their lives. We have our own ways of finding peace and happiness. But what I’ve discovered and experienced is that lasting peace and happiness is found only when we give up our cravings and desire for status, wealth, power and limit our expectations from the people around us. 

Too much of absorption in the material aspects of life can well be perceived as a bottleneck to a balanced mental state.  

Virtue is not a delusion, and enjoyment is not the only reality, for death is just a beginning.

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Detachment: A Way to Nirvana

Posted by fifthdimension on June 14, 2007

“Oh, if only I could have bought a new house, I’d be the happiest person on earth!” No doubt, such expressions fall into our ears everyday. But given a chance to reflect on this, I’d say that true solace rests  in one’s innner world.

I won’t say that I’m free from all  trappings of the external world. But to be free, it’s very important for us to turn inwards, where alone we’ll find perfect bliss. In order to achieve this, we must detach ourselves from the external world, whose attractions always play with our senses, tempts and allures us.

So, what we need here is a paradigm shift from the body consciousness to the consciousness of the soul. But how do we make this happen? The only way is to develop and get in with our thoughts that the physical self, which is stuck in the materialist pursuits and the trappings of consumerism,  is not the real self. Our physical existence is not the only sphere of our existence, rather it’s just a veneer to our subtle existence on another dimension. We exist at a different level, which is much deeper and subtler than our ordinary mundane existence.

So, detachment from this outer self is the first step towards nirvana. Next, is our detachment from external relationships and bondings. The final step is the detachment from the very idea of salvation.  When we’re detached, we’re totally free and then only we shall have the ticket to the free world.    

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