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Am I Ever Gonna Buy Lipstick For My Girlfriend?

Posted by fifthdimension on October 12, 2007

Am I ever I gonna buy lipstick for my girlfriend? No way! Because “lipsticks” are synonymous with “leadsticks”, I wont buy her one again even if she keeps insisting.

During a Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a U.S. consumer rights group found one third of the lipsticks they tested contained lead above the  US Food and Drug Administration’s 0.1 ppm limit. The samples that tested negative include popular brands like Cover Girl, L’Oreal and Christian Dior!

So, what’s the hoopla about lead? Researchers associate lead to learning, language and behavioral problems such as reduced academic performance and increased aggression. Increased aggression! That’s another reason.  Lead is particularly unsafe for pregnant women and young children as it has been linked to infertility and miscarriage.

Wouldja buy me a lipstick, honey? Always say NEVER! 

10 Responses to “Am I Ever Gonna Buy Lipstick For My Girlfriend?”

  1. Hi5 Codes said

    Hahaha… thats funny :). Thats not right for a man to do.

  2. fifthdimension said

    :)I guess I should have added one more line. “I’ll not buy a lipstick until lead levels come down within the acceptable levels”. Does that sound better? I hope she would wait!

  3. I once had a boyfriend that wouldn’t let me buy cosmetics that weren’t organic for that very reason. The thing is that the levels in most cosmetics are so low that it would take a person eating a case of the stuff to actually do any damage. Life’s too short to worry about little stuff like that. But, if it’s really a paranoia thing, there are lines of excellent organic makeups.

  4. fifthdimension said

    Yes, Gabrielle, you’re so right! “Life is too short to worry about little stuff”. No wonder I’m so used to things which are deemed as “injurious” by medical science.

  5. globetrotteri said

    Very funny. It hasn’t stopped me from wearing lipstick. Like most girls, I’m a slave to fashion. What isn’t good for us has absolutely no bearing on what makes us feel great.

    I’m also one of those girls who lusts after the tallest, towering shoes out there, and I won’t even begin to tell you how hard heels are on your body. Sigh. Life is hard.

  6. fifthdimension said

    I know, Carrie, life is hard, but I believe it’s fun to be into a hard life .I think hard life is very exciting!

    Yeah! I’m a maniac, too. But what’s good for me, at times turns hard for the society. For instance, I love wearing gothic wristbands with pointed nails on it. When I’m in the middle of a crowd, those nails tend to hurt others, though my intention was never like that. So, I had to stop wearing ’em while in a crowd, for the common good.

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  8. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. globalgirl said

    I just did a post about “Going Green…: Health and Fitness”:
    “Make sure you lipstick made from plants instead of from paraffin waxes, synthetic oils and toxic coal tar dyes.”

    These corporations know that they manufacture toxic products for consumers, all in the name of greed.

  10. fifthdimension said

    True! They won’t think beyond money and profit! That’s our greatest crisis.

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