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The Green Jet- 787 Dreamliner, Boeing’s Reply to Airbus A380

Posted by fifthdimension on July 18, 2007

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner- the Green Jet is almost set to revolutionize the aviation industry. No, it’s not a mega passenger craft like the Airbus A380. But the 330-capacity 787 is surely a wonderful innovation. What’s so special about the aircraft is it’s ability to fly long haul routes on 20% lesser fuel than conventional airplanes.

With the world growing more and more conscious about the environment, Boeing is surely going to capitalize on this. The Green Jet is claimed to emit fewer greenhouse gases, too. What a sigh of relief for environmentalists!

Added to this, the Dreamliner is going to offer greater and higher levels of comfort for passengers. In addition, it promises a healthier flight experience, for the higher levels of humidity within the cabin have been expected to reduce passenger dehydration. 

After a 13 year hiatus, Boeing has ceratinly come back with a bang. It brags a phenomenal detour from the design perspective, too. So, instead of alluminium, the airplane uses high-tech plastic composites. Up to 50 percent of the basic structure of the plane, including the fuselage and wing, will be made of materials such as carbon-fiber. In fact, the shift from aluminium to other lighter but stronger composites is the  main basis for the 787’s lesser fuel consumption.  

Ultimately, from a business perspective, Boeing is going to achieve the same as Airbus in terms offering cheap travel to consumers.  Flying under-price than a competitor will be a major advantage for airline companies counting on the 787 .


2 Responses to “The Green Jet- 787 Dreamliner, Boeing’s Reply to Airbus A380”

  1. Sam said

    Actually, I like the A380 much more, I must say. I can’t wait to fly on one 😉

  2. fifthdimension said

    Thanks for dropping by and good luck to you:)

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