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Rats are Back on the Platter- Southern China Cuisine Springs to Life!!

Posted by fifthdimension on July 16, 2007

Finally, the rats have made a comeback on the menu in southern China. “Thanks to the rodent out break”, that’s what some of the locals are saying! Truckloads of mice arrived and were sold to a wild animal market in Baiyun.  Rats are considered as a traditional delicacy in southern China, and many believe that the flesh is more nutritious than pork or chicken.

“It’s like going back to the pre-2003 years”. It maybe recalled that during the outbreak of SARS, which started in southern China in 2003, authorities banned the sale of rats, besides other animals, to prevent the disease from spreading from contaminated meat. In spite of the fact that there is no there is no common consensus in the scientific community over whether certain animals can spread SARS, vendors in China are no longer allowed to sell wild animals.

However, officials in Hunan,  where floods have sparked off an outbreak of about two billion rats after their holes were submerged by water,  denied this savory news!

A rat could fetch anything between between 40 and 50 yuan ($5.2 to $6.5) and could be found at dinner tables in the cities of Fanyu, Zhaoqing, Dongguan and Hanhai.


One Response to “Rats are Back on the Platter- Southern China Cuisine Springs to Life!!”

  1. globetrotteri said

    I’m not surprised. I lived in China for three years and just about anything that walks, crawls, slithers or flies will eventually end up on the dinner table. I’ve never tried rat, but I have eaten other ‘delicacies’ such as dog, donkey, beef penis, baby quail, silk works and deer embroyo. In China, it’s hard to say ‘no’ when you don’t know what the mystery meat is.

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