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Travel Insurance- Is it Worth the Price?

Posted by fifthdimension on May 31, 2007

Last winter, Sarah was on the roll. She and her kids were vacationing in Europe. First Zurich, then London and finally Amsterdam. For most of the vacation, it was a perfect getaway, without any major hiccups or minor glitches until she was just a day away from catching her flight back home to Anchorage.

A souvenir freak, Sarah bought some very costly antiques at a tiny town near Amsterdam, especially paintings, valued at around $2500. But gosh, she found her luggage missing from her train compartment on her way back to Amsterdam.  

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any travel insurance, which would have compensated for her loss. Like many others, the high cost kept her away from travel insurance, and kept her counting on good luck. But we know that good luck do not visit us everyday. One bad day, and we’re doomed!

Travel insurance or travel protection is specially tailored to help you out of situations like the one encountered by Sarah. It provides coverage from the moment you leave, to the moment you return to your home.

So, travel insurance would have reimbursed Sarah for all antiques that she lost. Besides, standard medical insurance, on most occasions, is restricted to a network area. So, on event of any emergency  hospitalization or medical treatment in a foreign country, you have to pay every cent for it. Ever imagined how stressful it can get? Stripped of health and money in a foreign land…If you’re visting countries in Africa, Southeast Asia or any other region, where health risks  are high, travel insurance can save you from a lot of mess.

Get travel insurance when you hit the road. Right, even on a driving vacation, you need to get a full fledged travel insurance. This is simply because your automobile policy might not extend coverage outside your country. Guess how are you going to pay your car-rental agency if another driver crashes into your rented vehicle? Only travel insurance has got the answer.

This is just a primer of situations where travel protection can save you…the only way to a totally worry-free vacation. If you believe that you’ve got everything covered in your general insurance, better read the fine print once again!  Use your judgment.


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