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How do we End Homelessness

Posted by fifthdimension on May 27, 2007

Homelessness can be controlled effectively by developing effective solutions for those on the streets including targeted outreach and appropriate facilities and services, particularly for persons with substance abuse and mental-health problems.


We can also strengthen the system of shelter and services that enable homeless persons to make the transition to stability and job readiness. Permanent solutions will definitely be more effective to this end– provide jobs and housing so that people can break the cycle of homelessness and become stable and productive citizens. 


Homelessness prevention programs have to be tightened and strengthened in order to see to it that no one ends up in shelters or on the streets. This includes reinvesting in economically vulnerable neighborhoods; improving the school system; making sure people have access to health care; and providing jobs at a living wage. Cutting taxes will also allow the truly motivated homeless people to provide for themselves. Pan handling should be seriously discouraged. Beggars are not looking for anything except money to feed their addictions for booze, drugs and cigarettes. One can offer to buy them a meal instead of giving away the money.


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